Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A confession of obsession...

All right confession... I LOVE seeing the way that everyone decorates their home. Its kind of a weird thing about me every time I drive past a pretty house I always imagine how decadent the inside looks. Even with smaller old cottage looking homes I have this secret need to go up to strangers doors and ask for a tour.. would I ever do it? NO... but its a nice thought I suppose..

That being said if there is anyone else out there like me.. I decided to take some pictures of my home for the holidays.. its nothing super fancy, but I love it and feel thankful for my home.. Plus its always cuter around christmas right?? So.. that being said.. here is the place I call home... ( at least the christmas part of it)

This ladies and gentleman is my FIRST christmas tree... complete with on sale ornaments and the tree donated to us by my lovely aunt.. I LOVE the way it turned out.

Oh deer... ( Just wanted to throw a little pun of the day in.. you are welcome)

EVERYONE needs a holiday apothacary jar in their house.. 

This wall is my personal favorite.. 

I wanted to dress up the Tv stand a little bit more so I put some red and white pearl lights in it along with some tiny trees. 

I love this painting.. I couldnt really find a nativity that I liked, however I am in love with this painting.. it depicts perfectly the birth of the savior and captures what christmas is truly about. So I call this my nativity.

 Happy Holidays!!!

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