Thursday, October 30, 2014

Fall Pics ❤

About a month ago I was lucky enough to win a giveaway from one of my favorite photographers Kenzie Dawn Myers. I was thrilled. Not only is she an amazing photographer but she was so fun to work with and kind, and seriously funny. Let's just say the pics did NOT dissapoint . We went up little cottonwood canyon and it was gorgeous seriously I feel like the essence of fall was captured flawlessly.

I love love love my boy, and these pictures.
Thank you so much Kenny.


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A very Witchy post

 Last Saturday Rose held the annual witches tea. Consisting of hot cocoa, apple cider, excellent treats, and a bunch of witchy women. (The nice kind of course , not the wicked witch of the East Wizard of Oz kind to clarify ;) ) it was super fun to dress up and don my false eyelashes, and witches hat. I just love Halloween and all of the traditions that come with it. Especially the excuse to play dress ups.

Rose and miss Menlie or should I say cookie monster ? She was loving her cookie. 

Which witch is which ??

Cutest Emily (my baby sis) and Emma (my cousin. Laughing at me making them be all Posey.

Thank you to Goodwill, Gardener Village, and some old shoes my witch costume was less than $15 and I loved it !!! 

My mom, sis, and I 

Some of the girlies from our family before the rest arrived. 

Happiest Halloween and dress up season !!
The not so wicked witch of the West

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

fancy pants...I mean hats.

Let's talk hats for a minute. Remember the Audrey Hepburn Judy Garland hi we wear beautiful hats era??? Can we pretty pretty please go back to that time. ? Also can we throw in the whole dress thing. I want am excuse to wear dresses more often. Not that this whole legging trend isn't the best. Thing. Ever. But... I do love me a good dress, and a fancy Nancy hat. Who votes that we go back to the elegance of a good derby hat ??

Judy Garland and Fred Astaire in only on of the best musical masterpieces there ever was.. "Easter Parade. " ( I'm a sucker for the classics.)

Oh..Audrey..simply flawless

Look at this beautiful hat!! Let's start a movement. My hat goes off to all of you in this endeavor to bring back the elegance of these beautiful creations.

The "Mad Hatter"

Monday, October 13, 2014

I title this post slacker...slacking..slacks... snacks.

Guys!! Its been about a million years so I am going to catch you up. You know.. Give you the 411... The know how.. The deets (details) of what's been going on.

The cabin. The most peaceful, woodsy,snow white and the seven dwarfs cabin there is. 

Addysen Sophia doin her baby thing, you know, being cute. Playing with squishy things, crawling around, being the cutest little 1 year old (almost one at the time) there ever was.

Look at the view from the front door. I love the windows. You feel like you are all encompassed in the woods and the beautiful nature God created,yet protected and peaceful in this little cabin in the woods.

Montana my sister in love and I. We Dont care if we have sleepy eyes,rad sweatshirts and bedhead, hanging out near the fire was more worth it than our appearance. 

The dogs. Four.dogs. on dogs. On humans. 

Karacat and I just cheesing it up. As you can see we are all super relaxed. The cabin is such a fun place to hang out, go for a run, relax, take a nap, converse, play horseshoes, and just simply enjoy one another's company without the hassle of modern technology .

The creek. So... You have to hold on to a rope to go down a VERY steep hill to get to the creek. I guess this gives trust fall a whole new meaning. Ha. Shorty after this picture a great water fight involving rocks and large splashing commenced. I think its safe to say... This battle is not over and next year you better watch your backs... You know who you are..

This one is my favorite purely for the humor of it. 
Chloe( my niece): Mindy let's do a puzzle.
Me: okay let's do it on the floor over here.
Chloe: ( helps with two or three pieces and checks in every fifteen or so minutes.while I complete the puzzle by myself.) Guys! Check out the puzzle I made! 

Haha I love her. And the cabin. And my family. Thank goodness we live in such a beautiful state and are blessed enough to have the opportunity to have share such great memories together with our family there.

The puzzle procurer