Sunday, November 2, 2014

Park City is pretty

Luke and I had the opportunity through one of our friends to get a really good deal on a week at he Marriott Mountainside Resort in Park City. This is where we went for our honeymoon (which we loved), and were thrilled to be able to go back. It was pretty much the perfect vacation just what we needed. It was also incredibly nice that we were so close to home. (In case we needed anything) some may say that's not really a vacation, being closer to home, however having lots of health problems, being close to doctors has its perks. (We ended up coming back a day early to go to my sinus doctor due to a sinus infection that has been building over a month. They had a cancelation so I was blessed enough to get an appointment, and get some medicine. Anyways back to our vacation.... It was so fun. We played a TON of pool (or Billiards if you are a fancy nancy;) . I'm talking like thirty games in the span of six days.. But let's not kid ourselves ... I only won once... ONCE. Let's just say that'd not my forte in life. On one day we went and walked around main street. I'm in LOVE with Main Street. I love the vintage feel of all of the shops and they are so close together. I love places like that. In fact it makes me want to live in a more historic time,when there were more little shops close together, in buildings much like small apartments with creaky stairs and small nooks. We ate at Main Street Pizza and Noodle. It was sooo over priced, but it tasted really good! The actual resort has many activities in and of itself so between sugar cookie decorating, board games, swimming pools, and a full gym we were set. It was just so nice to be in such a beautiful area with the leaves changing, and the cool air. Luke and I mostly just hung out I guess you could say. We didn't do anything super extravagent , and I think that is what made it so nice. Sometimes there is joy in simplicity. Comply spending time with the man I love was more than I could ever ask for. Needless to say spending a week with him and then having him return to work tomorrow is sad to think about... Call me crazy but I am going to miss him ! I love every moment I get to spend with my Lukie babe. On the last day that we were up there (Halloween) Rose, Rich and baby Menlie came up and slept there and hung out with us. On Halloween morning we all went to Kneaders (best breakfast place ever) and had a very nice brunch. Following hat Rose and I put together a scavenger hunt of Halloween things that we could find ( a photo scavemger hunt ) and had one hour to race to see who could get all of the items the fastest. It was sincerely a tie at who won. We loved it.

When we came home on Halloween evening Luke and I were spent. Sooo.... Dont even worry we fell asleep around five and completely ignored any trick or treaters. Mean huh???!! It was purely out of laziness. I would wake up to the door bell ring and then fall right back asleep. So .. Next year I think I owe my neighbors some pretty substantial snackage. Ha! It was a lovely week , and to top it off Luke and I taught our very fist Sunday school lesson in church today . it was wonderful. I love being a member of the LDS faith, I love Park City vacations, and I love my sweet husband!


Thursday, October 30, 2014

Fall Pics ❤

About a month ago I was lucky enough to win a giveaway from one of my favorite photographers Kenzie Dawn Myers. I was thrilled. Not only is she an amazing photographer but she was so fun to work with and kind, and seriously funny. Let's just say the pics did NOT dissapoint . We went up little cottonwood canyon and it was gorgeous seriously I feel like the essence of fall was captured flawlessly.

I love love love my boy, and these pictures.
Thank you so much Kenny.


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A very Witchy post

 Last Saturday Rose held the annual witches tea. Consisting of hot cocoa, apple cider, excellent treats, and a bunch of witchy women. (The nice kind of course , not the wicked witch of the East Wizard of Oz kind to clarify ;) ) it was super fun to dress up and don my false eyelashes, and witches hat. I just love Halloween and all of the traditions that come with it. Especially the excuse to play dress ups.

Rose and miss Menlie or should I say cookie monster ? She was loving her cookie. 

Which witch is which ??

Cutest Emily (my baby sis) and Emma (my cousin. Laughing at me making them be all Posey.

Thank you to Goodwill, Gardener Village, and some old shoes my witch costume was less than $15 and I loved it !!! 

My mom, sis, and I 

Some of the girlies from our family before the rest arrived. 

Happiest Halloween and dress up season !!
The not so wicked witch of the West

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

fancy pants...I mean hats.

Let's talk hats for a minute. Remember the Audrey Hepburn Judy Garland hi we wear beautiful hats era??? Can we pretty pretty please go back to that time. ? Also can we throw in the whole dress thing. I want am excuse to wear dresses more often. Not that this whole legging trend isn't the best. Thing. Ever. But... I do love me a good dress, and a fancy Nancy hat. Who votes that we go back to the elegance of a good derby hat ??

Judy Garland and Fred Astaire in only on of the best musical masterpieces there ever was.. "Easter Parade. " ( I'm a sucker for the classics.)

Oh..Audrey..simply flawless

Look at this beautiful hat!! Let's start a movement. My hat goes off to all of you in this endeavor to bring back the elegance of these beautiful creations.

The "Mad Hatter"

Monday, October 13, 2014

I title this post slacker...slacking..slacks... snacks.

Guys!! Its been about a million years so I am going to catch you up. You know.. Give you the 411... The know how.. The deets (details) of what's been going on.

The cabin. The most peaceful, woodsy,snow white and the seven dwarfs cabin there is. 

Addysen Sophia doin her baby thing, you know, being cute. Playing with squishy things, crawling around, being the cutest little 1 year old (almost one at the time) there ever was.

Look at the view from the front door. I love the windows. You feel like you are all encompassed in the woods and the beautiful nature God created,yet protected and peaceful in this little cabin in the woods.

Montana my sister in love and I. We Dont care if we have sleepy eyes,rad sweatshirts and bedhead, hanging out near the fire was more worth it than our appearance. 

The dogs. Four.dogs. on dogs. On humans. 

Karacat and I just cheesing it up. As you can see we are all super relaxed. The cabin is such a fun place to hang out, go for a run, relax, take a nap, converse, play horseshoes, and just simply enjoy one another's company without the hassle of modern technology .

The creek. So... You have to hold on to a rope to go down a VERY steep hill to get to the creek. I guess this gives trust fall a whole new meaning. Ha. Shorty after this picture a great water fight involving rocks and large splashing commenced. I think its safe to say... This battle is not over and next year you better watch your backs... You know who you are..

This one is my favorite purely for the humor of it. 
Chloe( my niece): Mindy let's do a puzzle.
Me: okay let's do it on the floor over here.
Chloe: ( helps with two or three pieces and checks in every fifteen or so minutes.while I complete the puzzle by myself.) Guys! Check out the puzzle I made! 

Haha I love her. And the cabin. And my family. Thank goodness we live in such a beautiful state and are blessed enough to have the opportunity to have share such great memories together with our family there.

The puzzle procurer

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Beauty is Not ONLY Skin Deep

This week has been busy adjusting back to normal life, adding a few new nebulized medicines, and other mishaps. There was one night where Luke and I both fell asleep he nearly in tears, and I definitely in tears.

Another trial had come upon us. A small one,semmingly insignificant to so many in the world,but to us ... It was ANOTHER thing. We both decided that the saying "when it rains.... It pours" is true.

It all started with me being hospitalized, and Luke's job. At the company he works at there are only three managers. There must always be one present. Well... The week I was hospitalized, Luke's other co-manager's wife had a baby. He took the week off to be with her, and that made it so Luke was unable to come up and see me for 4 or five of the days. (PS... Totally awesome dad of his coworker to take off and spend with his wife. I am not in any way complaining about that. Just explaining the details. Anyways carrying on...not having him with me all the time was hard. I am always with him. He is my best friend. We kept holding strong though and obviously we got through it, and were Sooo thankful for the times we got to see each other...

Moving right ahead, we get home and Luke had a small medical emergency and then we both were missing our church callings, and felt really bad...

So... Wednesday morning we woke up, and said our prayers and again were strengthened by a loving God. Although we have been stressed out of our minds, we still are so thankful because the blessings we recieve , completely out weigh the trials.

I titled this beauty is not just skin deep because the facts are these: what makes you beautiful is your strength. The strength to overcome all weakness,self doubt, fear, etc. What makes you beautiful is your background. What you have fought through to get where you are. What makes you beautiful is the service you render with each giving day.

Its not about how skinny you are, or how cute your hair is, or how wealthy you are. Really??? Do you think that at the end of this life God is going to judge you on your outward appearance?! I say this because today I felt so beautiful and lucky because I got to get my hair colored, and a manicure and pedixure. Thanks to my lovely neighbor polish and pipsqueaks and my loving husband. I felt so pretty for the first time in a while. I put on make up and a cute outfit and even had my mom snap a picture and thought..... Behind that smile is not only lipstick, mascara, and a cute bow... Its me. Mindy Marie Catmull.

I am beautiful because I have overcome hard things, and have learned from them. The beauty from my life comes from not only the good memories,but the bad as well.

What makes you the most beautiful ?! Inside and out ?!


Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Built Cf Strong

I consider myself incredibly blessed. I have a more mild version of Cystic Fibrosis. Although that presents itself with many challenges daily I don't find myself in the hospital as much as a lot of other people for which I am truly thankful. I started feeling sick in May. I couldn't quite exercise like I normally do, struggled to find the energy to keep up with my every day activities, and was more short of breath. That is when I started my Cayston from the earlier post "28 days". It is a strong nebulized antibiotic used to try and kill and or minimize the infection Pseudomonas Ariguinosa. I felt better but not quite up to par. On July 28, 2014 I went to CF clinic at the University of Utah for my normal check up and my Pulmonary Function Testing. (PFT's are used for lung volume measurement, how much air you can breathe in and how much you can breathe out. pretty much a whole bunch of other things as well but that is the readers digest version.) Usually if your lung volume drops 2-3 percent it indicates some sort of infection. Mine had dropped 11%. Hence the feeling crappy part. 

~~~ also note that my dropping 11% would still be some CFers dream lung function and I still got hospitalized how sad is that? ~~~

Anyways carrying on, they decided to admit me for a 14 day course of heavy antibiotics to help get my lung function up, and kill infections through IV therapy. That is where I have been for the past fourteen days.. but dont you worry, I am back, feeling better, and life is beautiful.

(During one of my breathing treatments)

My mom would come visit me and watch "our show" Witches of East End. You should check it out its a way good show. (Netflix, and Lifetime special of course.)

One of the days was my dear friend Astra's birthday. Astra passed away three years ago from Cystic Fibrosis. Her mom asked this year that we all send pink balloons to heaven in her honor. 

My cutest sisters came to visit, and my niece addysen. She was sooo cute. She would snuggle with me and then sit up and laugh and smile like crazy and then snuggle again. I love her. I remember the day she was born was so special. ( Thats a story for another time but I could go on for days.)

I don't know why I didnt get a picture of them, but Melissa and Dave my incredible in loves. (in laws) came and visited a lot. I love them so much for being so supportive and they watched our dog the full two weeks while I was at the hospital. Can you spy zooey???

One of the days I got a surprise visit from some girls in my ward. It was so awesome to have their wonderful spirits. Funny story the woman to the very right is Lanae. I was supposed to visit teach her the week I got admitted, and instead she came and "visit taught" me with Jen ( on the left) and her cutest little girls Gracie and Leah. I am so thankful for them and their effort to come all the way down from Saratoga Springs.

Every week they do PFT's to see how you are doing. I had a chance of going home on day 10 and i honestly thought that I was going to. But my lung volume had only improved by 4% which is not enough to get me back up to my baseline, so they decided to keep me the full two weeks. I was really disappointed that day, but then I had a change of attitude and thought... I don't have to be here as much as a lot of people I know, so at least I can keep my chin up and be happy that I am pretty healthy for someone with my disease.

With the IV therapy they administer very strong antibiotics. They have side effects such as nausea, diarheaa, headaches, and many more. So to off set those I had zofran (a lot!!) and other medications to help me not be quite so queezy or have such a bad headache. Ice packs also helped soooo much. Fun Fact: if you put an ice pack behind your neck while you have a headache, it helps constrict the blood vessells so that the pain will lessen. 

I loved my visits with karacat. My beautiful sister.

I am now home, and resting up so I can get all the way better. I am so thankful for every card, treat, prayer, and visitor. Many of the people who visited were not pictured here but know this. I genuinely I am so thankful for you. I am thankful for so many amazing and intelligent doctors and nurses who helped me to feel better. 

Breathe Easy Everyone.
God is good



Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Weekend date night lovin

Guys... I love this man. On Friday were able to snap a few photos for a family friend, and while we were there I asked her if she could take a couple for us as well. (thanks Whit) She just took them from my phone and it took less than a minute but i thought they were really cute. I was also later very grateful that she did take them because it ended up being a memorable night.

Luke and I were able to go to the Draper Temple and do a Sealing Session. A Sealing is 
Another temple ordinance , in which husbands and wives are sealed to each other and children are sealed to their parents in eternal families. This means that if we are faithful to our covenants, our family relationships will continue for eternity. People sometimes also refer to this ordinance as “temple marriage” or “eternal marriage.”
In our faith we believe that we can be with our families forever. If this ordinance is performed there is no " till death do us part". You would quite literally be with your family forever. For those who have passed away, we have the opportunity to do their temple work and act as proxy to seal them to their families. 
For a few weeks now I have been feeling really strongly that we ought to go to the temple together. We hadn't been together in a few weeks, and I thought it was about time, so on friday night we set the date. You know I am a firm believer that if you are in the right time at the right place where you are supposed to be, you will be blessed. That we were...blessed. Luke served his LDS mission in Chile. Where he spent two years of his life devoted to Christ, serving and teaching the gospel. It was a hard two years. Away from family, friends,and many other things, but it was two years he labored in love. Love for the people, and love for the Savior.
As we got to the temple and started doing Sealings. Something very special took place. All of the families that we were doing the ordinances in behalf of where from Chile. It struck both of our hearts deeply as Luke had such a great love for those people, and the love I have grown for them through his stories, and through him. The priesthood holder who performs this ordinance is called a Sealer. The Sealer decided that because Luke served his mission in Chile, and there were several other people in the room whom spanish was their first language, that it was only fitting that he do the ordinance in Spanish. IN. SPANISH. ... These wonderful families were sealed together forever and were able to hear it on the other side in their own language. It was so special and the spirit we felt was so strong. There was so much love in the room, and after we finished Luke and I exchanged our feelings, and were very grateful that we were so blessed as to partake in such a beautiful experience.
 After we left the temple we went to our favorite ice cream place, Leatherbys and got our favorite dessert. "Amy's hot fudge brownie". A brownie topped with a scoop of ice cream that has been drenched in hot fudge and whipped cream. ( My mouth is literally watering thinking about it.) We laughed and joked together and had a wonderful time. 

The importance of family, and of continuing to date my spouse is so important to me. I am so thankful for my love. For all that he does for me, and to be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

The church is true

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Melissa and Emily

This is a song Melissa and Emily Wrote called Neverland

Guys today I am talking about two of the very best most supportive people in this world. My sisters. The real ones. As you get to know me more you find me calling a lot of people my sisters or "Cysters" (The girls who have Cystic Fibrosis that I have a sister like bond with.) Today however I am going to tell you about my amazing real live sisters Melissa and Emily.

These are two of the purest hearted girls you will ever meet, and I have never met anyone who has felt differently.

First since she is older let me tell you about Melissa:

When we were little.. holy cow my mom couldn't stop us from fighting, OR being mischievous together. It was either one or the other. I am laughing right now thinking about it. When we were little our rooms were right next door to each other, and every night when my parents would close their door we would sneak into each others rooms and play "night games" or some sort with each other. We defiantly thought we were being sneaky, but my mom would always holler "go to bed!!!" Haha we were naughty. As we grew older into the teenage years I cant even recall more than to or three fights and those were just because we were grumpy that day. We were and are to this day Best. Friends. I love my sister so much. She is super talented at all that she does. One of her favorite things is thrift shopping with my  mom. I don't know how they do it but every single time they go they find amazing clothes. I'm talking name brand worn once and or never before clothes for less than $5.00. Meliss can pull off ANY style. she will wear rain boots with just about anything. (even to my wedding). She is also a very talented artist. Holy cow.. throughout my life I have attempted to be good at art. My dad is a painter so I always tried when he would draw or paint something amazing, but lets just say God gave me other talents ;) Melissa however.. unreal. The girl could sell her paintings and sketches for hundreds of dollars. She is also has a beautiful voice. Again.. I tried singing lessons... not my forte in life. She however has performed in front of thousands of people, and has some mad vocal skills. On top of all this she is an AMAZING sister. She and I would always laugh together when we were growing up. We wore crazy outfits, had dance parties, and I even broke her bed once because we were rough housing. I could not have asked for a better friend, and sweet spirit. She is currently serving a mission right now for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Told you she was amazing.... I am so incredibly lucky to have her support me through everything. All of the times I went to the hospital and she didn't have a mom for weeks at a time because she was taking care of me. All the times she supported my school events... I could go on forever, and I feel so incredibly blessed to have her in my life for eternity.

We did a photo shoot together one day in Daybreak right by the temple and they turned out beautiful.

This was after we did the dirty dash together. yes we wrestled and threw mud at each other. (hence the mud in my eye) 

This was before church on Christmas one year. 

This one..... explains us to a T. Always up to something crazy and silly.

This was taken as we were driving up to Bear Lake for the day. Have you had their Raspberry Shakes? If not you are dead to me.

I love my sissy!!!

Next up is Emily:
Emily is literally an angel sent from heaven. The girl never says or does anything mean. EVER. she is also incredibly talented. She plays the violin, and the piano. To top it off she sings well too. Emily is an amazing artist. when she was thirteen she was drawing (incredibly accurately) paintings that were seen on Disney movies such as "Tangled", "Up" and many more. You should see her artwork. Emily is brilliant. When she was little Melissa and I being the hooligans we were would try to trick her.. she NEVER bought into any of our trickery even when she was little little. She is just smart. This year she just finished ninth grade and passed an AP test. AP people!!!! So smart. She is so good at everything she does, but I think the thing that you will find the best about her is her kindness. She will sit with people at lunch who don't have friends. She never gossips, and if someone is mean to her she is instantly forgiving. I wish that I could be more like her. ( I have a temper of sorts.) I am so thankful for my littlest sister. She is growing up into such a beautiful young woman and she turns 16 in a few months!! Holy cow!! my very own baby sister will be on the roads soon, and dating boys. (She all ready has a million after her by the way) She is amazing in every way!! Oh and did I mention that at the age of fourteen she decided to train for a half marathon and run one. so she did??? AND that she medalled in swimming her very first year as a freshman in high school?? I'm telling you this girl..... has every quality that anyone would ever desire. I love my Emmy girl.

Growing up we had a couch on our front porch and this is one time I broke my legs and she hung out with me a lot. Bless her heart.

I used to play the Harp, and it was so much fun at Christmas time to be able to play duets together. I truly believe that where words fail, music speaks.
This is all three of us before a dance Melissa was going to. Arent they stunning??

So.. I dont know how this happened but all three of us LOVE laying on the floor. Sleeping on it. Lounging on it. Taking naps on it. so this is how we hang out... this particular time all three of us were snuggled up by the fire together.
This was a really cool time. We are so blessed to have so many temples so close to us. We were so blessed to participate in the "Steeple Chase" where we ran from the Oquirrh Mountain Temple to the Jordan River Temple. It was awesome to do with my sissies.

I have the best sisters. Rose (The only blond one here is our aunt who is only three years older than I am. She grew up pretty much at our house so she counts as a sister too, but that is a story for a different day.) I am so so lucky to have such great and supportive sisters who are so selfless and kind. I hope that you all have the opportunity to share a great relationship with loved ones in your life.