Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A very Witchy post

 Last Saturday Rose held the annual witches tea. Consisting of hot cocoa, apple cider, excellent treats, and a bunch of witchy women. (The nice kind of course , not the wicked witch of the East Wizard of Oz kind to clarify ;) ) it was super fun to dress up and don my false eyelashes, and witches hat. I just love Halloween and all of the traditions that come with it. Especially the excuse to play dress ups.

Rose and miss Menlie or should I say cookie monster ? She was loving her cookie. 

Which witch is which ??

Cutest Emily (my baby sis) and Emma (my cousin. Laughing at me making them be all Posey.

Thank you to Goodwill, Gardener Village, and some old shoes my witch costume was less than $15 and I loved it !!! 

My mom, sis, and I 

Some of the girlies from our family before the rest arrived. 

Happiest Halloween and dress up season !!
The not so wicked witch of the West

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  1. Such a fun tradition and you make the CUTEST witch