Tuesday, October 14, 2014

fancy pants...I mean hats.

Let's talk hats for a minute. Remember the Audrey Hepburn Judy Garland hi we wear beautiful hats era??? Can we pretty pretty please go back to that time. ? Also can we throw in the whole dress thing. I want am excuse to wear dresses more often. Not that this whole legging trend isn't the best. Thing. Ever. But... I do love me a good dress, and a fancy Nancy hat. Who votes that we go back to the elegance of a good derby hat ??

Judy Garland and Fred Astaire in only on of the best musical masterpieces there ever was.. "Easter Parade. " ( I'm a sucker for the classics.)

Oh..Audrey..simply flawless

Look at this beautiful hat!! Let's start a movement. My hat goes off to all of you in this endeavor to bring back the elegance of these beautiful creations.

The "Mad Hatter"

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  1. I love hats! Jody Smith ALWAYS wears a stunning hat on Easter Sunday