Thursday, August 7, 2014

Beauty is Not ONLY Skin Deep

This week has been busy adjusting back to normal life, adding a few new nebulized medicines, and other mishaps. There was one night where Luke and I both fell asleep he nearly in tears, and I definitely in tears.

Another trial had come upon us. A small one,semmingly insignificant to so many in the world,but to us ... It was ANOTHER thing. We both decided that the saying "when it rains.... It pours" is true.

It all started with me being hospitalized, and Luke's job. At the company he works at there are only three managers. There must always be one present. Well... The week I was hospitalized, Luke's other co-manager's wife had a baby. He took the week off to be with her, and that made it so Luke was unable to come up and see me for 4 or five of the days. (PS... Totally awesome dad of his coworker to take off and spend with his wife. I am not in any way complaining about that. Just explaining the details. Anyways carrying on...not having him with me all the time was hard. I am always with him. He is my best friend. We kept holding strong though and obviously we got through it, and were Sooo thankful for the times we got to see each other...

Moving right ahead, we get home and Luke had a small medical emergency and then we both were missing our church callings, and felt really bad...

So... Wednesday morning we woke up, and said our prayers and again were strengthened by a loving God. Although we have been stressed out of our minds, we still are so thankful because the blessings we recieve , completely out weigh the trials.

I titled this beauty is not just skin deep because the facts are these: what makes you beautiful is your strength. The strength to overcome all weakness,self doubt, fear, etc. What makes you beautiful is your background. What you have fought through to get where you are. What makes you beautiful is the service you render with each giving day.

Its not about how skinny you are, or how cute your hair is, or how wealthy you are. Really??? Do you think that at the end of this life God is going to judge you on your outward appearance?! I say this because today I felt so beautiful and lucky because I got to get my hair colored, and a manicure and pedixure. Thanks to my lovely neighbor polish and pipsqueaks and my loving husband. I felt so pretty for the first time in a while. I put on make up and a cute outfit and even had my mom snap a picture and thought..... Behind that smile is not only lipstick, mascara, and a cute bow... Its me. Mindy Marie Catmull.

I am beautiful because I have overcome hard things, and have learned from them. The beauty from my life comes from not only the good memories,but the bad as well.

What makes you the most beautiful ?! Inside and out ?!


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  1. Love this! Sometimes it's hard to feel beautiful. I like to try and picture myself the way Heavenly Father sees me and then I feel "almost beautiful" :)