Saturday, February 15, 2014

My Cysters!!!

I have had such a fun time finding new friends who have Cystic Fibrosis. When you meet new friends its like an instant connection. You know almost to a T what their days are like.. Medicine, breathing treatments, sinus infections, good days, bad days, all of the above!!! We are all fighting a similar battle but let me tell you.. THESE GIRLS ARE AMAZING!! There is so much negativity in this world.. " I cant do it" " I will never be able to.." well let me show you some people who CAN, WILL, and DO live their lives to the fullest every day despite a disease that seems to want to do the opposite...

(sorry I had to use Instagram Pics)

Meet Somer Love

I met her a little over two years ago and what a blessing she has been!! Somer is 34 years strong and is a HUGE supporter of Cystic Fibrosis. In the little time I have known her all i have seen is her being there for other people and her positive support. Never once have I heard her complain. She takes better care of herself than anyone I have ever met because she LOVES her life. Somer completed her first 5k this year and for CFers thats huge!!! having a small lung capacity and still working hard enough to do a 5k? Dedication at its finest.. never will you EVER meet a more loving, caring, and hard working individual!! BOWS to my som !! :)

Next meet Natalie Rudd 21. She is DARLING. And my same age and I never even knew about her untill a few days ago!! Crazy because she likes ALL the same things as me.. piano, fitness, missionaries, and having fun!! Her sister who also has Cystic Fibrosis and her just finished their first triathalon.. are you kidding me??... those are some tough girls! But always have a smile. You see .. with Cystic Fibrosis.. every day you hurt in some way.. or dont feel good.. you literally are sick 365 days of the year.. So living life on top of that is a triumph.. let alone a triathalon..

Tell me that these girls are not the cutest sisters and "Cysters" ever???

Next is my Little Cys Drae!! She is 4 years old and couldnt possibly be any cuter. I mean Look at her... When you are little.. growing up with Cystic Fibrosis can be rough... doctors instead of teachers... nurses instead of friends.. and hospitalizations instead of play dates... YIKES!! except here is the thing... those doctors become your heros.. nurses your best friends.. and hospitalizations make you care more about your life and other peoples lives than people who arent sick ever could. Being a four year old with CF and fighting every day.. Drae.. You are stronger than you will ever know.. and cuter too!!

Next is Lucy Casper.. Who is in the hospital as we speak.. She lives in London and is in Med school.. how awesome is that??? 20 years ago people who had Cystic Fibrosis only lived till their late twenties if that... and now are living longer and stronger than ever!! Lucy is an incredible person to put up such a fight.. I admire her so much and look up to her for striving to acheive such an incredible goal.. 

Continuing on is Caleigh.. She is currently on the list for a double lung transplant and is sooo positive about every second of it.. Almost constantly attatched to her oxygen tank this girl is so full of life and SO ready to get some new lungs so she can keep on living life to its fullest.. To support her there is a fundraiser website called and you can donate to her getting a new set of lungs!! Keep on fighting girl!!

last but not least... Astra Lauren Waller. Astra will always be my Cyster.. the first one I ever had. She helped me transition from my childrens hospital to the adult center.. I was so afraid because The doctors I had known my whole life were all of the sudden not going to be my doctors anymore.. but she helped me feel confident and loved!! Astra passed away a little over two years ago but still continues to influence many peoples lives today.. She was on the Bingham Minerette state drill team several years in a row despite serious lung infections and kept dancing through the pain. Astra had SOOO many people who loved her and it was because she LOVED so many people and lived life to its fullest.. You dont have to have a disease to appreciate every day of your life and everyone in it.. ALWays remember that. RIP to our sweet cyster Stra... 

Thank you for all being so incredible and for being my Cysters!! keep fighting, living,loving and most importantly BREATHING


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