Friday, September 6, 2013

This too shall pass... graditude in the most difficult of times

Hello fellow friends and family. It is currently 2:10 am and Ihave not blogged in over two months... slacker status I know. As I layed awake my heart is so full of gratitude. My recent feat in running Ragnar cost me my walking for a while.... I have been on crutches with a stress fracture for over eight weeks now.. However this post is not about me its about others and how I have been blessed by the tender mercies of the Lord and the wonderful people in my life.

Sometimes it seems to me that life is one trial after another... before you finish one another one arises.. I have come to deeply appreciate this process because I have learned SO much!! I have learned patience... false step back .. I AM in the PROCESS of learning patience:) I have learned to let other people help me once in a while and most importantly I have learned that I have the greatest family and friends on this earth ( ps. totally always accepting new friendships)

I will not ever be able to acknowledge all of the people who have helped me in ways unknown but i just wanted to name a few, in no particular order of course.


My mommy. She has always been there to support me and go to EVERY single dr visit with me. No matter how hard of a time i am having i KNOW that i can call her and she will drop whatever she is doing and help me... while juggling four other kids, two jobs, setting up for her biggest event of the year (halloween) and serving others. Mom thank you so much for everything. Take a moment today and think of all the things that YOUR mom has done or does for you, because more than likely it is beyond comprehension.

The Dadster. My dad has helped Luke and I sooo much. He always knows what to say and how to help. He is such a sweet man and I am so thankful for the incredible courage he had in helping me to further my healing. It has not just been a struggle with a stress fracture. Everything sort of fell out of place at once, but he was there when I needed him and I will ALWAYS be so thankul.

Mcat my mother- in - love. She is the most NON judgemental person on this earth and I am certainly not sure how I was blessed enough to have her in my life but she is ALWAYS doing things for her family. Always listening to anyone of our stories ( all of the kids). Always there to share a laugh with. This morning I woke up sobbing because I was feeling trecherous. It felt as if a stack of bricks were placed on my forehead, and my sweet Lukas had to go to work. So he called his mom to see if she would stay with me through the day and her response was, " let me just wash my face and brush my teeth and im on it" really? who does that? Thank you for your love and support mother in love. You are such a tremendous blessing.
Splenda or SPENDA daddy ( my father in love) He is such a wise person. Whenever we need help he is always there. He is one of those people who doesnt leave the conversation when you stop talking. He thinks about it for days and ways he can help solve anything that might be askew. He is incredibly loving and willing to do whatever possible to help out at anytime. Thank you for your great example.
(picture to come:))

Karacat- This girl is UNREAL. We live in different states yet talk and or facetime every single day. She is ALWAYS there. Always someone to talk to. Always a good friend, and has the sweetest heart out of anyone I know. You dont meet people who have as pure of a heart as Karalee, but I am lucky to call her my sissy, and one of my dearest friends. We have Laughed together, cried together and embarked on the quest of family history together. Thank you for all of your time and friendship kar!! I love you sis.


My Luke. I have realized over the past eight weeks more than ever what an amazing man Luke is. He and I have been through in five months of marraige what most people go through in 20... We have had the works. But through it all it has made us stronger. I love this man. He has taken care of me and come to Dr. appointments with me, and done dishes and vaccuming and laundry, not to mention full time school, and his job. He has helped me gain a stronger testimony of faith and in the Savior. He has been there and held me as I cried and was in my deepest thoughts of sadness, and dispair, and he has been there to LIVE, LOVE, and LAUGH with me. We still laugh every day. I love being with him. It can be the most stressful of days or circumstances but at the end of the day there has always been at least 2-3 ...or 5 or 6 gut busting moments. I love the life I have been given and the people who have surrounded me and helped me. Lukas... to you I am forever grateful to be your eternal companion. You are such a kind, loving, and hard working husband and best friend. Thank you times a MILLION. I have learned what true love is and I feel sorry for anyone who is not able to experience it. Thank you my love. Thank you. I l Y P I

And last of all My savior

I weep as I write this part, but not out of sadness. Out of appreciation and humilty. Our savior. My savior always is there. A silent listener. A healer, and by him, through him and of him we have the opportunity to be saved and be healed through ANYTHING. no matter what we have done.. No matter what trial has fallen upon us. Christ paid the ultimate price so that we could feel comfort. He suffered ALONE so that we would have someone to suffer with. Thank you to christ who has blessed me beyond anything I could ever have hoped or dreamed. Thank you for blessing me with the people in my life that I have. I am thankful for my Heavenly Father and my Savior Jesus Christ. I testify that they live and are watching over each and every one of our lives. No matter how hard life gets... spend less time counting sheep and more time speaking to the Shepard. Thank you everone for helping me to become stronger and to heal. I love all of my family. There are many others who have helped me and have been with me whom I will forever be grateful to... Tacy, Sherrie, Rose, Emily, Melissa, Michael, Matthew, Grammy, Grandpa, Grandma U, Grandpa U, Alyssa, Anthony, Chloe, Frankie..... The list goes on and on.... No matter how hard things get if we stick to what we know is right we will always have a helper on the other side to help ease our burdons...

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  1. Love this. Love you. You're such an incredible example of strength, faith, and positivity in all things! I'm so lucky to have a friend like you. Love you forever Mint :)