Tuesday, November 19, 2013

All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth- Part One

Okay so i have my two front teeth..sue me. However I did LOVE that song...in first grade.. when I was missing a tooth.. other than that I just thought it was a catchy catchy phrase. 

~~So christmas is coming~~ 

I am going to tell you what I love, Hate, loathe, and like about christmas and im going to tell it to you in one of my favorite christmas songs the twelve days of christmas.

On the first day of christmas my true love gave to me.. A trip to disneyland to see mickey!

DISNEYLAND - My favorite place of all and my very sweet husband took me there for christmas last year. That is one of the things I LOVE about christmas is that people go out of their way to make you feel special, to make you feel like you mean everything to them. Which is how it usually is but at this time of the year there is an added effort of love to show it.

On the second day of christmas my true love gave to me the Fun Fancy Festival of Trees

This particular year (2012) was certainly a special one. My mother in love made a beautiful tree for a beautiful fallen angel Jillian Dunn, who was her daughter in love and this tree was made in honor of another beautiful fallen star Astra Waller. I love the stories behind all of the trees. I love the humility they bring to peoples lives in remembering the people who are in our lives now may not always be there so every opportunity we get should be taken to love a little more. All of the proceeds go to Primary Childrens Medical Center as well, which to me makes it even more magical. Since I spent a good portion of my childhood as a patient there I have a deep appreciation to all those who donate and spend there precious time and money to help those in need.

On the Third day of christmas my true love gave to me 

Three corny Catmulls. OOH I love these three. My brother, sister, and mother in love. They are three of the coolest people I know. My brother serves as a marine and his life IS the story of a hero. His strength, dedication, and determination has made him into one of the most incredible people I know. I look up to him a lot. My sister has a heart of gold. This girl doesnt have one mean bone in her body. If you are ever looking for someone in your life that is kind, loving, patient,courageous,beautiful and talented this is her. no embelleshments it is just who she is and i LOVE her. My mother in love is one of the most selfless people I know. She spends all of her time giving. Whether its visiting a family member in the hospital, letting a tired mom of a newborn have some sleep, or just some snuggling in the PJ's Mcat is always there, and I think is one of the truest examples of christ.

On the fourth day of christmas my true love gave to me a silly sweetie santa

This girl is such a beautiful girl. She has such a big heart. In her little life she has all ready experienced what most people go through in their whole lives yet she finds joy in everything and has a heart FULL of love. she loves everyone especially her family and always finds joy in the little things. This is just a snap shot I took of her while we were in a car wash. A CAR WASH... and look at that smile... maybe we should all step back and smile and one or two more "car washes" during our day.

On the fifth day of christmas my true love gave to me.. Sissies who mean the world to me

I love my sissies so so much. They mean the world and more to me. The love they show is unreal. I love playing christmas music duets, the melodies and the beauty brings the spirit and love of christ wherever we are and that is something that cant be bought or traded. The Lights at temple square in Salt Lake City are another thing I love to share with my family.. The lights are immaculate and surround the temple illuminating it in all of its glory just like the star that shined so bright to illuminate the world reminding us the christ child was to be born.

On the sixth day of christmas my true love gave to me.. An ugly sweater party

Ha! I have to laugh at this one... There is almost no words but I love ugly sweaters.. I dont even know where they came from ... But I love them and thats all i have to say on that...

On the seventh day of christmas.... WHAT??? do you think you get the whole song in one day? think again however i will share with you my dislikes of christmas as promised....

the FRIDGID cold.. although I like the snow
x-mas.. UMM ... arent we celebrating christs birth.. CHRISTmas?? where did they X come from?
AND wait for it....
The movie A christmas story... Hate it. Dont be mad I just dont like it... 

more to come
xoxo Gossip girl


  1. HAH!! What a fun post! And no to the Christmas Story? We might need to do some converting here! :)

  2. You are the sweetest sissy, thanks!!
    Those are the best sweaters hahaha
    I LOVE YOU!!

  3. Oh hey, it's your early morning warm sweat shirt! :)
    I'd seen a post on your instagram about this thing, so I looked it up. Very nice.
    Also, I don't own A Christmas Story, so don't worry, it's not a renting option.