Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Ship of Friends...


  1. The emotions or conduct of friends; the state of being friends.
  2. A relationship between friends.
amity - fellowship - companionship - comradeship


Today i wanted to share a little bit about the importance of friendship. Friends come in all shapes and sizes. The friend that you pass by every day and wave to when you both are getting the mail but no words are exchanged, a coworker who you tell all of your funny stories too and they do the same. A family member who you are certain loves you because they have seen you in all walks of life. ( EVEN in the morning)
It can be a study buddy whom you realize you have everything in common with, or it can be someone who you have nothing in common with but the sheer fact that you love the fact that they exist and are in your life. 

I have been a very blessed individual and have grown up with sooo many different friends from different walks of life and i have learned so much from each one of them and I wanted to share a few of those friends with you. 

From her I learned strength. She endures a rare genetic illness where tumors encompass all of her organs, and yet still is always finding a reason to live and to love.

From her i learned sisterhood. What its like to ALWAYS be there no matter what for eachother. To grow up having "the best of times and the worst of times" together

I learned from her what kind of a mom i want to be selfless, loving, respectful, kind, and the most caring person I have ever met in my life. (my mom)

From her I learned what it was like to be in the presence of an angel. She is ALWAYS doing things for other people, never complaining, and constantly working hard to become and accomplished musician, family member, and loving friend to all. (my little sister)

I learned that difference of age doesnt matter. you can still be as good of friends in whatever walk of life you are and wherever you come from (ps she is not THAT much older than me dont be offended S). I also learned about doing kind things for other people.

From her I learned that no matter what comes your way or how someone treats you you can always be kind in return. You can always love, and live your life to the fullest despite some of the hardest trials and most darkening times.

From her i learned what i want to be like. I learned that you can take ANY situation and make it a good one.  You can love and care for people with all of your heart. i learned selflessness, compassion, and to be an amazing person you dont have to look down on others but rather the opposite and always speak kindly of those you know and love.

From her i learned whether on this earth or the next you STILL matter you will always matter to someone. your life will always have a purpose and dont ever think for one second anything that strays from that.

From this girl i learned the definition of a devoted and true friend. I learned that you can always be there for everyone. Always make time for other people because they will and DO appreciate it. I also learned from her incredible example of self respect and modesty even though it is not always the most popular decision in todays world.

From her oh goodness. i have learned cheerfullness. This girl I learned how to give more people compliments, to smile at people i dont know, to work hard, to perservere, and to love GOD above all else.

From her i learned what a BEST FRIEND was. that you can make ANYTHING an adventure. I learned obedience, trust, and creativity from her. I learned i could always always be myself and still be loved more than anything. ( my other little sister)

From HIM. I learned it all. 

"charity is the pure love of christ"

 The worth of souls is great in the sight of god. Every individual can teach you something, whether it be big or small it can lead you to the path that you need to be. I want you to do two things number one. Think about each one of your friends today and how they have impacted your life.....incredible isnt it?? The photos i shares are most certainly not all of the friends i have had who have influenced me or even close to it. Only a select few but each person in my life i hold dear to my heart and I want them to know that ALWAYS. the second thing i want you to do is introduce yourself, or smile, or even a friendly wave to someone that you dont know because they some day could teach you a very powerful lesson of love, laughter, learning, or of life. 


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  1. What an absolutley BEAUTIFUL post! Love, love and love it some more!