Monday, June 17, 2013

A tribute to the Dadster

                                                  *****This man. is. incredible.******

 My dad is incredible. It took me a really long time to understand that. Growing up when I got put on time out because I told a lie, pinched my sibling ( which unfortunately happened all too often) or not doing my chores did not exactly make him my best friend. Hello!! he was the reinforcer  of the rules and as a kid and a youth I was NOT a fan. HOWEVER.... before you think for one more second that this is a negative thing let me tell you this much.. my dad.. is my hero. He is the one who strongly encouraged, respected and taught me the values that I posess today. Dad, Dadster, Superman, Dumbledore, Popsicle this one is for you.

Growing up my dad ALWAYS was the fun dad he played with us, and to his disgression of me telling this would dress up in dress ups, turn up the music as loud as possible and would sing and dance with us. Every little kids dream right??. (even though I did not like it when I got in trouble by him or was put in "time out" he some how always made up for his "offense" ;)

(Dont even worry those jazz logos were painted on us by him. Those were the John Stockton. Karl Malone days. The jazz was a BIG deal you know.)

Let me tell you more about this man I am fortunate enough to call my dad. The thing that I have learned over the years is how much he loves my mom. I never understood why he would get so upset when I talked back to my mom. He would say " you do NOT talk to my wife like that". I dont know why it took me so long to see. He has never left her side. He never left her and did his "own thing". I mean sure they have their own hobbies that they enjoy separately but she was still always his priority. I remember he build a pond in our backyard it was gorgeous! My mom loves all things victorian so he built her a greenhouse. She wanted french doors coming out of her room. DONE. My cute mom loves all things chocolate and I can remember countless times he came home with her favorite treat just because he wanted to. 

(The first time I officially made cookies with him. It was mothers day and by no surprise we made her a giant "M" shaped chocolate chip cookie.)

(my first day of second grade. For a few years he taught at the same school that I attended, and it was always fun to have Mr.Shaw as my dad)

He started his career as a teacher and ALWAYS knew all of the answers to help me with my homework. I think I always learned more from him than any of my elementary teachers. He has a gift for teaching. Just something about the way that he teaches you makes it stick. He is now an administrator but I will always remember his teaching days because throughout my life they never really stopped. His career as a teacher may have but he always taught me what I needed to know.

( on my baptism day)

My dad always emphazised the importance of the gospel. We are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and whether or not you share the same faith as I do that is just fine. But my dad taught me to always live righteously and abide by the teachings of the church. I have experienced more joy, happiness, and love towards others by doing this than anything else. The gospel I know brings joy and I am so thankful to have a father who always has stood by his values and worked his whole life to strive to become more like christ. 

 (Fathers day one year ago camping at our favorite spot )

(Im not sure whats going on in this picture but fun and games is always in the book for this guy)

(He taught me how to change my own oil and spark plugs...yes i was super proud and bragged to many males about it on many occasians)

Through my teenage years I didnt realize all that my dad had done for me. Going to work every single day. coming home and doing things for all of his family. Listening to complaining kids. Allowing us to make mistakes and helping us to fix them. Teaching by example how to live an honest and worthy life. I dont know why I never appreciated him like I do now. I ALWAYS thought I was a mama's girl. To my surprise I think I have turned out the most like my dad out of all five kids in my family and I could not be more honored.

** Dad  THANK YOU for all that you have done for me. I see now the importance of good parenting and the hard work put in. Thank you for putting up with all of the teenage girl moments, with all of the drama, with all of the sass (which by the way you taught me).Thank you for being there for me when I went through the temple. I love you and happy fathers day!!!!***

(Some people have nice tender dances with their dad at their wedding. With my special dad we danced to thriller. Yep. Full out Flash mobbed it.)