Friday, June 7, 2013

Well well well.... I thought that this would never happen I am going to be honest .. me? a blogger? no way! I find out more and more every day that the things that I thought I would like... I was wrong. and the things I thought I would hate I love, and the unexpected I pretty much expect to happen now. I guess I should tell a little about myself and divulge to everyone that what I have to say on this blog will hopefully be of some good to someone in the world. whether you are my next door neighbor, a close family member, or someone I have yet to become acquainted with I welcome you with open arms into mine and my husbands incredible life.

My name is Mindy , and the incredibly handsome man to my right, or is it my left? either way is Lukas . We were married two short months ago so yes yes everyone I know what you are thinking...still in the honeymoon phase. Although that may be true I hope to make that happen as long as possible that love that " cant eat cant sleep over the fence out of the park world series kinda stuff" I am determined to make that last. First I want to throw out a pet peeve of mine.. and that is negative words from spouses.. in todays world for some reason marriage is seen as such a negative thing... "he always leaves the toilet seat up", " he never does the dishes", "she always nags". -you know what I have to say.. who the heck cares... its a toilet seat..really? There are so many bigger issues out there. If you are married you are lucky to have another person who loves you, and if you are  not married I hope to heaven that you find someone that makes you as happy and treats you likeyou should be treated. I am very blessed with my sweetheart so I intend to make you all understand why I am so in love with him. 

***disclaimer, I know that life is hard. I am most certainly not claiming to KNOW anything about being married.But I do know that life is short and the people you love should KNOW just how much you love them always.***

SO.....the moment that you all have been obviously anxiously awaiting our story ...drum role please....

We both were serving some time in prison for various but mild offenses.. every day you have a few opportunities to come out of that dark shadow of a cell and actually have some human interaction.. it was october 27, 2012 when I saw him. Mind you orange jumpsuits are all that attractive so we are going to have to go off of the personality factor i suppose.. we both met in the mess hall where meals were served. I was walking with my lunch tray mindlessly day dreaming when I some force of gravity stopped me from proceeding to the table I was headed towards... It was him.. although not so romantic for me i had ran into him and spilled every last bit of my chicken soup all over him... hahaha wouldnt that have been quite the story????? However it is not an honest one so i suppose i will proceed in telling you the real story the real truth , the whole truth and nothing but the truth!!

Luke and I lived in the same neighborhood in west jordan when we were younger.. we both attended the LDS church and were at an activity for the youth... that was the first night I fell in love with my prince.. dont worry every one did he have braces>?? check! acne?? check! boxers showing with his pants to his mid thigh?? absolutely!! Man was I attratched to that hot guy... However here is the kicker kids.. I was twelve and he was 17. I think that there might be some sort of rule against sixth graders dating juniors in high school but im not sure ;) Anyways years went on and I silently had a crush on him. Dont even be mistaken by the way there was not ONE word spoken to him. I was WAY too embarrased to be doing anything of that sorts.... this is the fast forward part************************* ok so seven years later I had been moved to south Jordan for quite some time and he lived in West Jordan. I never really saw myself as having a chance with that hot boy from when I was twelve so ill be honest I kind of forgot about him... meanwhile we both had dated different people and had both been in some pretty serious relationships. They ended and in October of 2012 I was on Facebook one day and saw one of his posts in my news feed ( of course I added him as a friend on FB even though he didnt know of that twelve year old that had a crush on him...i had to..) I then remembered how cute I thought he was. YES i posted on his wall. YES I flirted with him and....... YES he flirted back. We went on a date the next night and everyone asked us how long we had been dating. Yep the first time we were together we connected so well that people knew even before we did that this match would be perfect...

A few short months after dating we decided to enter into the sacred covenant of marriage, well at least it is sacred to us. Luke is my best friend. There is never a dull moment with us. I love him more than anything in this world and I just think the world should know that. So Im signing out for now 
xoxo gossip girl 


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    2. Love the mukas catmulls!!

  2. i love this post with all my heart.