Monday, June 30, 2014

28 Days

Isn't finishing goals the best thing?! Cystic fibrosis creates the perfect environment for infections with thick sticky mucus that is hard to get rid of so .. Almost every CF patient, almost all of the time has some sort of infection. Thankfully we have been blessed by the wonderful research that has been done over many years and have great medicine to help at least keep the infections for the most part at bay. 

About a month ago I started feeling the infections a lot. I was more tired, fatigued and woke up every day with mucus so thick I could scarcely swallow. Anyways... There is a wonderful medicine called Cayston (Azronam) that is a three times a day fast nebulized heavy antibiotic. It is taken after vest treatments and all other nebulized antibiotics and mucalitics (mucus thinners) for 28 days. In the past I have had a hard time having the motivation to do 3 treatments a day for that long of a time. However this time I set a goal and knew that to feel better I needed to stick to it!!!

On Saturday I finished this round of antibiotics almost without any misses and I feel so.much.better. I am so thankful for the wonderful modern medicine we have been given it is such a blessing. Every day they are getting closer and closer to a cure for Cystic Fibrosis. One day... CF will stand for "Cure Found." For that day I cannot wait and it will be such a miracle for not only myself and fellow CFers but for our families, doctors, researchers and all of those who have dedicated their lives to the cause.

To many more goals finished and CF being one day cured !!!


Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sunny Sunny Sunday

Today was a lovely lovely day. I had the opportunity to go to church ( The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) and listen to several veterans who have given so much to our country. One of them being my brother in law Corbin. He serves as a United States Marine, and all of the men who spoke have an infinate love for their country and it was truly moving. I think some times in the hype of daily life we forget. There are men and women... Mothers, sisters, aunts, brothers, fathers, uncles all fighting for our freedom. I am so incredibly thankful for them.

Anyways that was the beginning to my awesome day. I then hurried from Corbin's church to ours to serve in my calling as a nursery leader ( a position in which one watches over children ages 1-4 and helps nurture and love and teach them while their parents attend Sunday school.) Kids are incredible. I think they are so overlooked or forgotten now a days but it is truly a joy to me to be with these group of children for two hours a week. I love them all so much, and love to watch them grow.

My excellent day ended in an excellent way. With family. We went over to our aunts house ( on Luke's side) and got to visit with cousins and ended up playing volleyball for hours on end. Just a small disclaimer.... Volleyball is not my strong suite in life. I LOVE playing but I am not the best.. Just being honest here ;) Anyways all of the cousins and even at one point our grandma came and played. We laughed and teased each other for nearly four hours, and I loved every minute of it. I am so thankful today for three major things..

1. The liberty and freedom that we bestow being citizens of the United States of America.

2. Being a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

3. Having a family that loves each other. A family that I can be together forever with. A family that no matter pur differences, similarities, strengths, or weaknesses, I will ALWays be able to call mine.

I hope that everyone had a wonderful sunny Sunday !!!!


Friday, June 27, 2014

A book worm

Since I was little I have ALWAYS hated reading... Read this for a book this book for a quiz... I was not a fan.

One night Luke decided to have a rule where we turn our phones off at 9:00pm and just winded down for the evening...

I thought.... This will literally be torture (I always stay up, my mind gets going a million miles an hour and I just can't fall asleep) well... There IS that book over there.....

And that ladies and gentleman is where it all began... My passion for reading... I started reading My story by Elizabeth Smart and was hooked. I simply could not set the book down ... And as they say the rest is history.... I. Mindy. Catmull . am now. .. A bookworm. I have read fifteen novels since March when this all began and continue to read more and more. I love it soooo much and I think that to surpass the words of those kinds that are more brilliant than mine.... Is to be ignorant and ungrateful.

These are a few of the books I have read and would reccomend all of them, as there Is not one I haven't been fond of in its own little way!!

1. My Story- a memoir by: Elizabeth Smart

2. The Giver by: Lois Lowry

3. Heartbeat by: Sharon Creech

4.Ashley and Jen by: Jack Weyland

5. Let it go- a memoir and story of forgiveness by: Chris Williams

6. Chasing Redbird by: Sharon Creech

7. I'll find you by: Clair M. Poulson

8. Heaven is Here by: Stephanie Nielson

10. Out of the Dust by: Karen Hesse

11. The secret journal of Brett Colton (one of my favorites) by: Kay Lynn Mangum

12. The fault in Our Stars by: John Green

13. Wonder by: R.J Palacio

14. The True colors of Caitlynne Jackson by: Carol Lynch Williams.

15. John Adams by: David McCullough

( I was not kidding when I said that I have become a bookworm)

Happy reading!!!
- The newly found bookworm

Thursday, June 26, 2014

One year wedded...we are pros

Okay so whenever someone would tell me msrraige is hard before I got married I would secretly be super annoyed by them... Umm.... both love each other so how hard can it be ?!.....fools..... Hahahaha.  I laugh because they were right. But only to an extent. Let me clarify.....

I title this next phase: our first year not in chronological order:)

Number one I fracture my femur and am out of work for 12 weeks 1 month after we were married.

Number two we bought a ten year old dog... On a whim I might add. Labor day of 2013 we decided...hey let's get a dog. So we did. 

The same day we got said dog, my parents did as well and ... Let's just day we are foes... (Enemies) he bit me... Rude. I know.

Next we bought a puppy!!! Yayayaya!! Her name is zoey after the movie dad zooey dechannel. (We are obsessed with the show new girl.

Next Luke's grandma gets in a bad car accident and ends up the the hospital and rehabilitation center for a few weeks. She is truly a miracle though and has strength beyond this world. Two weeks after the crash she was all ready serving in the temple, and we had the privilege of attending.

Number 5 or was it 6! ? Addysen Sophia (our niece) was born. What a miracle baby. She is an absolute delight in all of our families lives.

Number ...we will call it eight. I quit my job because my health took a decline, so I started becoming more involved in finding a cure for my disease (cystic fibrosis ) in hopes one day we will all(my fellow CfErs and I will be breathing easy.

Nine. Luke had an incredibly bad case of gastroenteritis complete with nonstop diarheaa, vomiting, and some serious stomach pain. This earned him two and a half days in the hospital. Poor thing. (He is much better now) 

Next off Karalee and Corbin and their daughter chloee (all our family) moved in with us for a few months. Five people in one small home = Dont do it. But we all still love each other. But still Dont do it :)

Next off .. Our first Christmas together yayaysysy!!! I love Christmas and the spirit of service and Christlike attributes shown through so many. 

We went to Disneyland. Our favorite place. We are obsessed. I Dont know if its the general environment, the detsils in literally everything or the food, but they all tie to make it the happiest place on earth. (Besides the LDS temple of course)

Baby menlie was born !!! Another niece . we are obsessed with her. Cutest. Babe. Ever. And so smiley. She is a gift from above truly. 

Mostly... We went through a million tirsls this past year... But if made us closer than ever and has strengthened our eternal bond. Marriage is hard.

Figuring out how to live together

What to agree on , what to disagree on


Religious fees and standards. All can be hard and we Dont even have kids. So I am.sure there is much more ... But I LOVE being married. I wouldn't trade my husband for anything and waking up next to him each new day makes me smile every morning... Even if just for a moment. My life is perfect. No one can take that moment away. We are a little over a year into marriage now and have learned so much. But mostly....

You live life on earth once. So be kind to the ones you love most. Be thankful for your trials, because after they end a blessing will manifest itself.. It always does. Love your significant other like you have never loved anyone. Marriage is not perfect. You are not perfect, and nor am I... But I am perfectly happy with my life and the constant companionship of a loving husband and a loving heavenly father.

Love always , 

Summer lovin' had me a blast

Summer time is simply the best!! The past two summers I have fractured my femur which calls for a double thumbs down!! However, I did learn to be and am so thankful for my legs and to walk crutch free (cross your fingers this summer) my summer thus far has been super fun. I bought the "pass of all passes" Utah county style and have been going to Seven Peaks with a group of girls in my neighborhood every Monday. Its been a blast. In other news we got rid of one of our pups and are down two just our little one. Ally (the older larger lab) was getting a bit too much to handle in our little home so a sweet family took her in. Luke and I are confident they are going to love the heck out of that dog. So we are okay with it and have been happy with our decision.
Also have you ever been boating before?! This summer has been my first time and I am officially obsessed!! I tried wake boarding and well.... I got up for about .00004 seconds ;) better luck next time to me. I had so much fun with my family though and am so excited for further boating. 

Zermatt resort in Midway, Ut is next on the list for my summer adventures. My family had the opportunity to spend some time there over fathers day weekend and it was awesome. So relaxing and my mom snapped this shot of my Lukie and I on thus quaint, yet stunning bridge along the road, and I love it.

I LOVE more than words can describe having a best friend and sister who loves to run as much as I do !! Karalee and I went to high school together and supported a local family whose son is battling cancer by running a 5k. It was a blast, and I hope to run many more races with this beautiful lady.

And of course sometimes you have those lazy hazy summer days. Rose and miss menlie (my sister and niece) stopped by and it was so fun to hang out and just talk and lounge. 

What is your favorite part of summer?!
I hope you are having a fabulous one thus far!!!

Always a Cyster
Xoxo gossip girl