Thursday, July 3, 2014

Forever a Gilmore Girl

Have you guys ever seen Gilmore Girls?? If you have not.. its a MUST. not just a recommendation, but a must see. It is a series about a singe mom and her daughter that live in a small town called " Stars Hollow." it is quick whited, and you fall in love with every single quirky character in the town.

Ever since I was little my mom and I have called each other Lorelei ( the mom), and Rori ( the daughter) Rori is a young teen who is at first socially awkward, incredibly smart, but keeps to herself. Through out the series blossoms into a woman who attends Harvard University and becomes the Editor of their daily newspaper. During all of this her and her mom maintain a very close and witty friendship. A bond that through thick and thin enjoy all of their life together. The mom (Lorelei) is a free spirited woman who runs and eventually owns her own Inn. She would not be caught dead cooking and instead eats most of her meals at a small diner in the town called, "Luke's." She ends up falling for this seemingly grumpy, yet incredibly lovable diner owner who has always been there for her and Rori. (Whom she had at sixteen years old and is raising by herself)

Anyways that is just one quick synopsis of the show, but you have to watch it to understand. There are so many more hilarious characters and it makes you wish that you too lived in "Stars Hollow." 

Through out my life, my mom and I had a similar close and quick witted relationship have always seen ourselves as somewhat Gilmore Girls. We take turns however.. Some times she is Rori and I am Lorelei and sometimes the opposite. For instance I married "Luke" so on my wedding day I got to be lorelei, and my mom is incredibly intelligent, and is an avid reader like Rori so most of the time she gets to be Rori.. 

Anyways.. every so often I catch myself finding my life more and more like Gilmore Girls and it cracks me up. Thus this post was thought of..

In Gilmore Girls they have "town meetings" everyone hates going to them, and they all end up being some kind of hilarious reason such as stoplights in the middle of the small town street, or garden gnomes being stolen. Whatever the reason the town takes it very seriously but Lorelei and Rori mostly just mock quietly at the absurdity of what the townspeople are saying. 
For an example see below:

So last night I had to attend and HOA meeting and all of our small group of town homes met to vote on new board members and discussed matters of our community. It was absurd. As I listened to some of the "complaints" I couldn't help but laugh and picture myself in "stars Hollow." Sometimes people just complain to complain... Which drives me crazy. I believe that although some serious issues may occur and need to be resolved, not every little thing needs to become a huge deal.

I called my Lorelei last night and told her about my "town" meeting, and we both laughed, and she totally understood. I guess you could say that we are forever Gilmore Girls.

Rori Gilmore

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