Wednesday, July 9, 2014

If the shoe Fits

Shoes. Have you ever contemplated that shoes tell a story?! They travel around the world. Walk on foreign territory. Engange in romantic evenings. Trod through trials, and triumph in defeat...

These are shoes who carried two sisters in a race to cure a young boys cancer.

These shoes danced the night away st The Grand America hotel in 2011, in celebration of becoming a graduate.

These shoes were in celebration of a special spirit, and rejoyced in it being her 23 year.

These shoes were worn for family pictures, rejoycing in a first year of marriage that will last through eternity.

These are the new shoes that showed selflessness. Selflessness in a husband who does not enjoy shopping, but decided to make it a special Saturday by taking his wife.

These shoes took part in several celebrations on perhaps one of the most celebrated, and important days of the year to this great nation, Independence day.

These are the boots worn by a little girl. A girl who lost her mom to the tradgedy of suicide, and wanted to be like her daddy, a Marine of The United States of America.

These were worn by a girl who fractured both femurs, yet didnt let it stop her from doing the things that she loved, because "smooth seas never did make a skilled sailor."

These shoes walked the hallowed ground of the Salt Lake City Utah Temple, after a man became a husband, and a girl became his wife. Eternal companions, best friends for eternity, and partners in crime.

These shoes withstood many miles, in the freezing southern Osorno Chilie. Worn by a righteous young man whose gave two years of his life to the Lord, and desired nothing but to help build the Kingdom of God.

These shoes played in the sand and ocean on a brisk day in December with a little girl who could not contain the smile on her face as she ran towards the waves and let them splash on her tiny feet.

These shoes were worn in a place dreamed of by a man named Walt, whose life was dedicated to making "The happiest place on earth."

These are the shoes of a mother and her middle son on the day of his wedding. A day that she dreamed of for all three of her boys, and continues in supporting day by day.

This was perhaps the most purposefull of all. A man whose shoes were taken away. A man who walked in Jerusalem, a Jew, who taught the people that we are in the world, and not "of" the world. A God, who gave his life, and partook of the bitter cup, and sting of death so that we would not have to..

These are the story of mine, and the people who I cherise most. Where we have been, and what stories we are writing, not only by the way we act, the words we speak, but simply by the places we go and the"shoes" that we wear.

What kind of story do your shoes tell???

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