Saturday, July 5, 2014

Freedom.. My deeper thoughts

The seed of gratitude was recently planted. I feel selfish for never paying attention in history class, for thinking politics are just a reason for some people to fight, and for sometimes thinking that I need more... It is not that i was ever not at all grateful. It is that there wasn't a whole lot of thought behind freedom, or Independence Day.

Independence day has always been one of my favorite holidays. The purpose being tradition, and getting to wear a new red, white , and blue outfit combo. On the fourth of July, my family has always gone to my grandma and grandpa's house to swim, have a barbecue and attend the parade. These traditions are so dear to my heart, and every year I look forward to them. This year however was different....

About a month ago I began reading John Adams by David McCllough. It is a lengthy biography of John Adams life and all that he did to fight for our freedom. For anyone who thought freedom was somewhat easily attainable... you are surely mistaken. Our Forefathers as they are called gave their lives to our country  attaining its freedom. Not a month or two, a year or two, a lifetime. They often spent years apart from their loved ones (especially John Adams) in traveling between this continent, and Europe trying to somehow.. someway make it possible for war to cease and in the midst of war form alliances that would further aid in our countries independence and union. It is from reading the story of John Adams. Letters between him and is " dearest friend" Abigail Adams (his wife) that I truly began to understand what this man, what these men ( our founding fathers) had to give up. They were constantly berated for their thoughts. They were chastised in every way by local newspapers and even their own friends were they betrayed. Yet the fight for freedom, for independence prevailed. 

This Fourth of July became more than ever Independence Day to me. I have such a deep love and respect for men such as George Washington, for John Adams, and many more. It is as if I have come to know them, and to love them as if they were my own friends. They were truly remarkable men. Men who were well read. Men of integrity, of deep thought, and of impeccable ambition. They fought for our freedom, and we must not forget that.

In today's world our country is not so much united. People are chastising one another online just because they may have a "different" opinion than their accusers. They are berated for their own choices. Isnt it ironic that the freedom people honor on the fourth of July so readily is in turn mocked when that freedom is used in a way by some people that others may not agree with? In today's society we are trained to have the mind set of needing more. What about those who continue to fight for our freedom today? Do you see them asking for more? No. There are men and women in this country who KNOW. They KNOW that freedom did not come easily, so they took an oath to fight. To join this great countries military and to give up all that they have to protect those very freedoms that our founding fathers gave their lives for. Must we be in a constant state of need? of bitterness? of ungratefulness? 

I know that this may not change one single persons view on anything, but for me... I can assure you that deep within my soul I have a great love for this country. With any of the corrupt politics, and people who may have forgotten that we are the "United" States of America. I urge you to remember. We are free as others live under the rule of a dictator. We are allowed to practice whatever religion, speech, and so many other things where in other countries people are not even allowed to have a voice. remember this. We are free, and there are many people who have suffered and given all of their lives to make it so. So at least for this day, be grateful. Think of how we got to be this great nation. For one moment...know you are an American. You are free.

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