Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Miracles and Crazy Nights

Today I wanted to share a story about one seriously crazy night, and the miracles that came from it.

One evening my Luke got home from work and his stomach hurt and he didn't feel well. (**side note Luke has a history of gastric ulcers and gastritis**) in other words, his stomach is prone to hurting and being inflamed. Anyways he wasn't talking much and just wanted to lay in bed so I thought maybe he had eaten something bad for dinner and was feeling the aftermath or something.

After about am hour it was around 10:00pm and Luke stood up doubling over and clenching his stomach. He couldn't take the nausea and pain anymore and headed straight to the bathroom to throw up. (Again this happens fairly often so I thought.. Awe man poor thing ate something bad.)

Five minutes later he ran back to the bathroom to throw up...I then knew something was wrong. Every five to ten minutes he would run back to the bathroom and throw up. He eventually started vomiting so badly that he was punching the walls because it was so painful for him, and I watching him started to cry. I felt so bad and helpless and didn't know what to do..

I then proceeded in calling my mom (she is a Registered Nurse and works graveyards so I knew she would be awake and have some advice) I asked her If I should bring Luke up (to the hospital) and she asked a variety of questions regarding what was going on and then told me to trust my gut.

Having quite extensive medical history and background. I knew he was losing more fluids going out than were coming in. I decided to take him to the hospital.

It was all in a rush really as he was getting weaker.. By this time it was 11:30pm and he had thrown up nine times. I hurried and grabbed him a bowl (for the car ride) and we got in the car.

As we were headed out of our subdivision there was a patch of grassy area and Luke told me to pull over, he had to again throw up... But this time was a bit more scary and I KNEW my decision to get him to a hospital was right.

As he got out of the car he threw the bowl he was holding on the grass and ripped his jacket off. He kept saying " its too hot, its too hot." He then doubled over and threw up falling after to the grass. My heart stopped for a moment as I yelled for him to come back in the car so we could get him some help. He was some what unresponsive and just shaking and moaning on the ground. I turned on my hazard lights and ran to his side repeating that he needed to get in the car.... He was very weak by this point and struggled to speak but told me quietly.. "I can't". I again started crying. I didn't know what to do so I called my mom again and told her what was happening. She told me to ask Luke if he could get back in the car or if I needed to call an ambulance for further assistance..
.....side note...an ambulance?! I was freaking out inside......
Anyways he was able to get back in the car and I'll admit I went about 90MPH on the freeway to get him to the hospital.

After we got there I got him a wheelchair and he had by then thrown up in his bowl again.. And was leaning on me while in his wheelchair. So frail, and in pain. They got him back pretty quickly and meanwhile his parents arrived. ( I had called them to ask if they would come and if Luke's dad could give him a priesthood blessing.)

When we got back into the triage area ( where the patients are assessed) Luke was miserable. They put in an IV and started giving him fluids and medicine for pain and nausea. Sadly it was barely touching the pain and he was still throwing up. A few hours later they had decided to give him some stronger medicine for the pain and it made him drowsy. He was able to fall asleep (thankfully for him, I felt so bad because of the pain he was in and was happy for anything that could at least for an instant make him more comfortable.) The Doctor who was seeing him happened to be a neighbor of my parents and a good friend of ours and eventually came in and told Luke that because he was losing so much fluid, and the amount of medicine they had to give him just to be OK... They needed to keep him at least 24 hours. Around 6:00 in the morning Luke's mom and I were with him as they moved him upstairs.

The next day he had terrible diarrhea and was still occasionally vomiting and not being able to eat any food what so ever.. So.. They kept him another night..

That evening I started feeling queesy myself and I NEVER throw up... Seriously I have been sick most my life and have probably thrown up around ten or twelve times... My mom (miracle) was working on the floor Luke was on that night and came and checked on him often. I told her I was feeling nauseated myself and she reminded me I had gotten no sleep and my body was probably just tired. Regardless, she brought me a container just in case... Well sure enough my mother in law was asleep in the chair next to me, Luke was awake but in bad shape, and my mom had left the room... I then threw up... Not only filling up the container my mom gave me but all of the bed I was laying on, all over myself, and in the toilet. I walked out in the hallway covered in throw up looking for my mom and crying... I simply didn't know what to do...

My mom came in and helped me get new clothes and cleaned up my throw up.(bless her heart.) Ten minutes later she came back and told me she got the rest of the night off and needed to take me home... "You can't be here if you are sick, you Dont want Luke to be more sick." Devastated that I had to leave him I tearfully said goodbye and my mom drove me home. I threw up again right as I got home and my mom helped me in to bed. Thankfully Luke and I. Him at the hospital and me at our home.. Fell asleep.

It was when I was leaving that I said a prayer and knew God would be there for my Luke and all would be well. The next day Luke still was having more diarrhea and the doctors said he could go home when he could keep down "solid" foods and when his intake was more than his output.

I woke up the next day feeling much better. (I think my body was just exhausted from lack of sleep which caused the vomiting) I immediately got to work scrubbing our house. As through communicating with him and his mom he had a bad virus that had caused gastroenteritis. I wanted every germ OUT of my house. So for the next two hours scrubbed everything...I'm talking EVERYTHING.

Luke was able to get out that evening and within the next few days was back to his wonderful healthy self. I am sooo thankful for the doctors and nurses and family who took such great care of him. Not to mention the incredible friends and neighbors we have who helped bring us meals and take our dogs out.

I am so thankful to be able to see gods hand in all things. The doctor being my neighbor, my mom working on the exact floor Luke was on, his mom being there for him, and the blessing his dad had given him helping him to recover quickly. It was one crazy couple of nights, but I am incredibly humbled and grateful for my Luke and that he was able to make a full recovery.

Today I am thankful for a loving Heavenly Father, and Doctors. Also shout out to my mom and and mother in love for being there throughout the whole thing. Soooo grateful they are my family .


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